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Frequently Asked Questions

What does NELA offer?

New England Lacrosse Academy offers:

  • Clinics
  • Position Specific Skill Sessions
  • Overnight and Day Camps
  • Individual Lessons
  • HS Team Practices
  • Youth Team Practices
  • Coaches Training
  • Strength and Conditioning 

Is NELA a club team?

No. NELA is an academy. We do not offer the club experience. However, please reach out and we can give you recommendations on local clubs based on your skill and location. 

Can I order NELA apparel?

Yes. We frequently run team stores where our players have a chance to purchase apparel in a 2 week window. Once the window closes, the apparel is shipped to you. If you don't order during that window, you just wait for the next store to open. We will sometimes have shirts, sweatshirts, etc. in stock. Just ask!

How do I get involved in coaching with NELA

Please reach out to us in the contact us section! We are always looking for new coaches that would make a positive contribution to our program. 

Do you have membership options or do we pay per clinic?

For stand alone clinics, you would register for those as they are offered. Some skills sessions or clinics are offered over a span of weeks (7 weeks for example). You would register for the whole session. 

Where are you located?

Our set locations can be found in the locations tab. However, when offering private lessons, town clinics, and team practices, our location will typically change to accomodate the program we are working with. Typically we would come to that town and arrange for space on a field.

What age groups do you work with?

We work with all age groups from Kindergartners, High Schoolers, even Collegiate Players on break. We have a solid group of coaches with experience at all levels. We work with the players before they sign up to ensure they receive the coaching staff that will provide the most appropriate instruction.

Camps are available for players Grades 2-8. When considering our camps, choose which option, overnight or day camper, is best for your child. 

Will NELA do in season training?

Yes. We offer both individual, small group, and team instruction in season. All of our coaches are involved with Spring teams, so we ask that you plan ahead so that we can coordinate times and dates that work for all.

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